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Vincent Wilder

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Vincent wilder

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She was married to Max. During the war she was in Plaszow, Poland. Eugenia perished in in Plaszow, Poland. This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted on May by her brother, a Shoah survivor. The Wilder Family with a portrait of Billy Wilder in background.

Billy Wilder June 22, — March 27, was an Polish-born, Jewish-American journalist, screenwriter, film director, and producer whose career spanned more than 50 years and 60 films.

He is regarded as one of the most brilliant and versatile filmmakers of Hollywood's golden age. Many of Wilder's films achieved both critical and public acclaim.

Wilder attended school in Vienna. After dropping out of the University of Vienna, Wilder became a journalist. To advance his career Wilder decided to move to Berlin, Germany From he worked as a screenwriter for silent films in Berlin until the Nazis came to power and the Jewish Wilder left for America.

Wilder knew little or no English when he arrived in Hollywood but was helped by film star Peter Lorre, with whom he once shared an apartment. A turning point in his career came in when he began a long and succesful collaboration with screenwriter Charles Brackett which was expanded into a producer-director one in Through the s and s, Wilder worked on several more films, although none was as successful as his previous ones. Though his last film was made in , Billy Wilder was still turning up to work at his Hollywood office well into his 80s.

Remarkable: He became the first filmmaker to win three Academy Awards in a year. He collaborated closely with Steven Spielberg on the script for Schindler's List , and was one of several directors considered to direct it Roman Polanski and Martin Scorsese both turned down the project. Although Wilder strongly considered directing Schindler's List , he felt he was a little too old he had already retired and the subject was almost too personal both his mother and grandmother were killed in the Holocaust.

It was ultimately Wilder who told Spielberg he should direct it. She was married to Adolf. During the war she was in Nowy Targ, Poland. Balbina perished in Nowy Targ, Poland. He was a student and single. During the war he was in Warszawa, Poland. Lucian perished in in Warszawa, Ghetto. She was a music teacher and married to Mikhael.

During the war she was in Lodz, Poland. Maria perished in in Warsaw, Poland. He was He had been suffering from pneumonia, The Associated Press reported. Almost all the 25 films Mr. Wilder made as a writer-director displayed his slashing wit and stinging social satire. Yet no other major filmmaker slipped so easily into so many genres. Wilder Academy Awards for director and co-author of the script, is still the most harrowing movie made about an alcoholic.

And ''Witness for the Prosecution'' , based on an Agatha Christie play, was a powerfully effective courtroom thriller. Wilder was among the first of about 1, members of the German film industry who fled from Hitler to Hollywood between and and transformed American movies.

He was one of a few refugees who reached the top of the industry, a feat made more remarkable by his complete inability to speak English when he arrived in Hollywood in Wilder skeptically probed and exposed human weakness, particularly venality and greed. He had an inventive talent for making unpleasant situations hilarious, and he had the courage to deal with traditionally taboo subjects.

Vincent Canby, the longtime chief film critic of The New York Times, once wrote: ''Wilder is often called cynical, mostly, I think, because his movies seldom offer us helpful hints to better lives. There are few people in his movies one could model one's behavior on. He doesn't deal in redeeming social values.

Instead, he sees the demeaning ones. Wilder was a director who protected his scripts. The look of a movie was less important to him than its language. It's all done to astonish the bourgeois, to amaze the middle-class critic.

Wilder's sardonic focus on the dark side of American life. In love with words, he sprinkled sugar laced with acid into movies whose heroes were often adulterers and gigolos. In ''The Apartment'' , an accountant Lemmon earns promotions by lending his apartment to executives for their extramarital romps only to fall in love with an elevator operator Shirley MacLaine who goes to his apartment for trysts with his boss Fred MacMurray. When this morally ambiguous film was named the best picture of , Mr.

Wilder became the first person to win three Oscars in a single night -- as director, producer and co-author of the screenplay. Wilder's ''Double Indemnity,'' but because Paramount took the best-picture award, as was the custom then, McCarey carried home only two statues. In his private life, Mr. Wilder was abrasive and exuberant, with an impish face and an impertinent irascibility. A small man who was constantly in motion, he was as witty in person as on paper. His biting one-liners included this definition of an associate producer: ''the only guy who will associate with a producer.

Wilder was a colonel in the United States Army who oversaw a program that prevented former Nazis from working on films or in the theater. When asked by the director of the traditional Passion play in the town of Oberammergau if a former Nazi, Anton Lang, could play Jesus, Mr.

Wilder responded, ''Permission granted, but the nails have to be real. Wilder ''the brightest, wittiest, most perceptive, most resourceful and most long-lived film talent of his generation,'' but other critics thought his movies vulgar.

Still others were troubled by his tendency to pull the sting from the tail of his characters at the last moment, allowing for happy endings. Often, though, those happy endings were ambiguous -- as when the alcoholic writer refuses a drink, at least for the moment, in ''The Lost Weekend. Wilder usually managed to please audiences while creating films whose unsympathetic heroes and black humor were often thought to be at the far edge of what moviegoers would accept. But ''Kiss Me, Stupid'' , a bawdy sex farce with Dean Martin and Kim Novak, seemed to go over that edge; it failed at the box office and was condemned as an occasion of sin by the Roman Catholic Church's Legion of Decency.

Wilder was suddenly out of touch with the audiences that had made him a top director of the 's. Although critics praised some of his later films, like ''The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes'' and ''Fedora'' , ticket buyers stayed away. Unable to find a studio willing to back his movies after the box-office failure of ''Buddy Buddy'' in , Mr. Wilder spent the rest of his days accepting the lifetime tributes that he called ''Quick, before they croak! He had been honored by the Cannes International Film Festival in ; at the start of the festival in , ''The Lost Weekend'' had won the top prize, the Palme d'Or.

Wilder once said that he probably would have traded all the awards for the chance to make one more picture. With his usual candor, he acknowledged his failures in when he was saluted at Lincoln Center. Wilder looked on with bitter amusement, never at a loss for either words or money. His father was Max Wilder, who ran a railway cafe, and his mother was the former Eugenia Baldinger, whose family owned a resort hotel. Recalling his childhood in a big hotel, he remarked, ''I learned many things about human nature -- none of them favorable.

Smart, impudent and undisciplined, he finished high school at the Realgymnasium Juranek for problem students and then, obeying his mother's wishes, entered the University of Vienna as a law student. He lasted three months. At 18 he found himself a job on a tabloid that put a premium on punchy reporting and celebrity interviews.

He was a natural in both areas. In , an interview with Paul Whiteman, the American bandleader, changed Mr. Wilder's life. As a year-old reporter, he became a Vienna tour guide for Whiteman, who took Mr.

Wilder to Berlin, where the band was to play. Wilder told his newspaper that he would be back in a few days with an article on the concert. But the Berlin of the Weimar era was the most exciting city east of Paris, and Mr. Wilder had no intention of returning to Vienna. He wrote freelance articles and was a ghostwriter of silent-movie scripts.

For several months he worked as a professional dance partner to rich ladies at the Hotel Eden and then turned the experience into a newspaper series that gave him brief notoriety. Berlin was filled with talented young men, many of them Jewish writers and filmmakers whom Mr.

Wilder would meet again in Hollywood. Wilder the chance to write a script under his own name. The result, ''Der Teufelsreporter'' ''The Demon Reporter'' , was an unmemorable movie about a daredevil reporter. Wilder's next movie, ''Menschen am Sonntag'' ''People on Sunday'' , was made on a shoestring. Directed by Robert Siodmak from an idea by his younger brother, Curt, the movie, with its unusual neo-Realist style, was a major avant-garde success.

After ''People on Sunday'' , Mr. From to Mr. Wilder wrote or collaborated on the screenplays of nearly a dozen early sound films. Wilder fled Germany. Wilder once told this reporter.

I had a new Graham-Paige American car and a new apartment furnished in Bauhaus, and I sold everything for a few hundred dollars.

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That night, the family were going out to dinner, and vincent Wilder took off his uniform his mother saw his bruised body. Love in the Wilder. Virtually no writer other than Mr.

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Some [ wilder needed ] say that Wilder's films often lacked any discernible political tone or sympathies, which was vincent unintentional. He became popular overnight and remained much in demand until when Adolf Hitler came to power and Wilder fled. American filmmaker. Writers Guild of America.

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Amsterdam University Press, Now he realises that he did. Diamond--to correct immediately any mistake he made in writing the language. Call it bulimia if you want — or curiosity or passion. Wilder once told this reporter.

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Wilder also earned a second nomination that year, for the original story of Howard Hawks's ''Ball of Fire,'' a comedy. Darryl F. The film won Wilder his vincent two Oscars--for writing wilder directing--but not without some anxious months.

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Re: vincent wilder

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Vincent avoided the cafes and living rooms where refugees met to drink coffee and speak German. Wilder falls silent. Comedian Mel Brooks, whom Bancroft was dating at wilder time, took a liking to Wilder and vincebt him in several films.

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Re: vincent wilder

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Wilder was married to Saturday Night Live vincent Gilda Radner from until her death from ovarian cancer in Wilder usually managed to please audiences while creating films whose unsympathetic heroes and black humor were often thought to be at the far edge of what moviegoers would accept. Amsterdam University Press, wilder Only in his final years did he kick a four-pack-a-day smoking habit. More info Achievement Wioder — Feature Film.

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